Learning Vocabulary

When learning a language I believe the most important points are:

  • the vocabulary
  • the verbs
  • the pronunciation

Firstly, I’m going to show you that there are very useful ways of learning vocabulary, whether you are extending the vocabulary in your own language or learning words in another language.

  • When you hear/read a new word, write it down! If you are told the meaning of a word, probably the next day you’ll forget it, unless you write it down!

  • Use the new word in your own sentence and read it out loud a few times.

  • Make a list of useful vocabulary – not words which you’ll hardly ever use! Learn synonyms and antonyms for example.

  • Use highlighting pens to colour the words you have half-learned and circle them when they are fully learned.

  • Look around you to learn every day common words. Ask the dictionary on your phone and repeat it out loud.

  • Try making up a silly rhyme to practise the new vocabulary.

  • Put new words in groups or families. The Walt and Winnie Wondrous Words books have selected topics such as sports, clothes, food, travel and school.

  • Try to make up tricks to remember the sounds. For example, Artificial begins with ART and has a FISH in the middle!

  • To remember the word play the Sounds Like game, where you place your new vocabulary next to a rhyming word. MISER – WISER

  • In online classes try to practise using the new vocabulary. Have a list of the words and expressions you want to use.

  • When you hear new words in songs write them down. Don’t ignore them! 

  • Similarly, when you hear new vocabulary when listening to people speaking on the radio or in films, pause it and write it down.

“The Bee Gees sang IT’S ONLY WORDS, but when you have an expanded vocabulary you’ll sound CLEVER!!!”

– Charlie –

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