Well just who is Charlie Chaleco? Born in Yorkshire in the north of England, Charlie has had so many experiences – some wonderful and some not so good! He qualified as a teacher and started his long career in Doncaster. Charlie has travelled and taught in over forty countries. Obviously travel is one of his great hobbies. Others include reading – when he has the time, football – he used to play goalkeeper in Barcelona, and rock music – he says he’s an old rock ‘n’ roller who just can’t stop singing!

Charlie reckons that all languages begin with words and is really keen on preserving both a fundamental and rich vocabulary. He promises more Walt and Winnie books are on the way!


Walt and Winnie have been good friends most of their lives. They are both curious about the English language and love delving into the origin of words and expanding their own vocabulary.

They study Spanish and French at school. They have travelled to Spain and France and love trying out words that they have learned.

Walt is particularly interested in stamp collecting, wrestling and watching old films. He’s a big fan of the old Laurel and Hardy comedy films.

Winnie likes skiing, basketball and designing clothes. She has read many books on the history of fashion.