Top Games for Improving your English

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Kloo Kloo is an award-winning educational card game that is loved by many including: children, adults, teachers and self-learners. It can be played either alone or with others, and the game even comes with three sets of instructions on how to play—based on the number of players. The Kloo game consists of two decks [...]

The 3 Golden Rules of Learning a Language Part 3 of 3 – Verbs

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the vocabulary the verbs the pronunciation In this blog I'm going to talk about different ways of learning verbs. Together with nouns the learning of verbs is absolutely fundamental when expanding your vocabulary or learning a new language. Firstly Make a list of ten important verbs.  Write the meanings next to words [...]

The 3 Golden Rules of Learning a Language Part 2 of 3 – Pronunciation

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Learning Pronunciation the vocabulary the verbs the pronunciation The Second, most important thing when improving your vocabulary is learning the correct pronunciation. it's no good having a vocabulary of thousands of words but you can't pronounce any of them correctly!! So here are ways of practising pronunciation: Write next to the new [...]