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The 3 Golden Rules of Learning a Language Part 1 of 3

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Learning Vocabulary the vocabulary the verbs the pronunciation Firstly, I'm going to show you that there are very useful ways of learning vocabulary, whether you are extending the vocabulary in your own language or learning words in another language. When you hear/read a new word, write it down! If [...]

8 Tips for Learning English as a Foreign Language

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There are lots of ways you can learn English as a foreign language. Here are 8 tips to learn new vocabulary and expressions: 1. Write it Down! When you come across a new word note it down in a vocabulary book along with a translation and an example sentence. Make a habit of referring to this [...]

3 Essentials on how to improve your English vocabulary

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If you are reading this is because you are looking for ways on how to improve your English vocabulary, whether it is for you, your kids, or your son. 1. Read and do not stop reading Reading is one of the best ways on increasing your English vocabulary. The more you read, the more you will [...]

The Artist

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THE ARTIST "I'm an artist and illustrator living and working in London. When I graduated in 2009 and began work as a freelance illustrator along with a fellow graduate, David was one of the first people to approach us about a collaboration. Since then I've gone to working freelance by myself, I've created illustrations for everything [...]

Five essential stages to learn new vocabulary

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To learn new vocabulary, students must go through five essential stages: They should recognize a word with help. They should learn the meaning. They should learn the correct pronunciation, repeating it several times. They should use it in conversations. They should use it in writing. It is very important that teachers provide these learning stages, giving enjoyable [...]

Remembering New Vocabulary

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According to the latest research we need to have contact with a new word over ten times before we really learn it. The larger the vocabulary you have the better your chances are of expressing yourself well and being clearly understood. What I intend to do in future blogs is describe how to present new vocabulary [...]

Where it all started

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In my many years of Primary school teaching I found that children are coming into contact with new vocabulary all the time in all subjects. I introduced a personal dictionary for each child – writing a word down and the dictionary work really helps to fix words into long term memory. So through the school year [...]