“I’m an artist and illustrator living and working in London. When I graduated in 2009 and began work as a freelance illustrator along with a fellow graduate, David was one of the first people to approach us about a collaboration. Since then I’ve gone to working freelance by myself, I’ve created illustrations for everything from cafe logos to card games, artists books to magazines, t-shirts, posters, websites, and everything in between. My style has always been fairly colourful and friendly, with a touch of humor, which appeals to the child in us all. I suppose this is why the collaboration over the years with David and Wondrous Words has worked so harmoniously, because the books themselves are colourful and friendly to begin with, with a touch of humor. But that’s before you even look at the illustrations. I’ve always loved the approach to learning that Walt and Winnie are helping their readers to take. They give context to a huge library of new and interesting words, in their own lighthearted and funny ways. I’ve grown hugely attached to the pair of them over the 3 books that David and I have worked on – my favourite scenes to draw are when Winnie is telling Walt off, or when I get to take them on big adventures such as scuba diving or flying to space. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the journeys I get to take with them (and their author of course!) and I’ve really appreciated the opportunity to work on such a wondrous series of books.”



Thanks Lauren. I chose you out of nearly a hundred applicants. I narrowed down my choice to eight potential artists and gave a task for them to complete. Lauren’s pictures were just what I was looking for – colourful, clear wonderful characters! I designed the illustrations, but Lauren’ s pictures have really brought the books to life! She realised quickly what I wanted. A huge stress has been put on having just a few words and attractive pictures on every page.
In 2014 I returned to the Walt and Winnie books and completed levels 2 and 3. I didn’t hesitate in contacting Lauren to ask her to do the pictures. She kindly accepted my offer and Walt and Winnie got into all kinds of adventures, each time gloriously illustrated by Lauren.
When I start on levels 4 – 7 I will be putting Lauren’s pictures at the forefront on every page. Walt and Winnie will be travelling around the world and I look forward to working closely with Lauren again.
David Harvey and Charlie Chaleco