According to the latest research we need to have contact with a new word over ten times before we really learn it. The larger the vocabulary you have the better your chances are of expressing yourself well and being clearly understood. What I intend to do in future blogs is describe how to present new vocabulary and more important, how to fully learn it.

So first the words have to be presented and recognised. The correct pronunciation is essential from the beginning. If the meaning is explained using real life examples in memorable situations, the faster the learning will be.

Teachers must carefully consider how the words are introduced and learned. Give many opportunities for students practise the words – create conversations, drama classes and writing lessons that will stress and reinforce the vocabulary. How many words are you going to introduce at a time? Every class needs differentiation.

How many teachers have vocabulary lessons every week? If words are so important why don’t we teach them more often in a stimulating, structured and enjoyable way?

The Walt and Winnie books have been created to help teachers. They are a tool and can be used in so many ways. Keep up with future blogs about vocabulary acquisition and please participate with comments, questions and observations.