If you are reading this is because you are looking for ways on how to improve your English vocabulary, whether it is for you, your kids, or your son.

1. Read and do not stop reading

Reading is one of the best ways on increasing your English vocabulary. The more you read, the more you will be exposed to new words and vocabulary. However, it is hard to stop reading and search in the dictionary for all those definitions of the new words that we are exposed to.

2. Keep track of the words you learn

In order to remember the new words you discover, I suggest that you write down the new words you are exposed to in a notebook or journal. If you have a journal with all your new words it can become a positive reinforcement to learn even more new words, especially if you see the long list of new words that you have written down, and of course, learned. It’s important to use this new vocabulary in spoken and written English straight away – this will really help!

3. Practice, practice and practice!

Also, playing a few games is a great way to remember the new words you learn every day, especially games are fun! This is the best way for kids to expand their English vocabulary. Some examples of games could be crosswords and word searches.

A fresh, new approach on for kids and adults on how to improve your English vocabulary.

During my years of teaching, I’ve often seen kids having difficulties learning new words. Although the three tricks above are useful, kids nowadays do not remember the new words. Therefore, I tried to work on this new approach which combines the three ways to increase English vocabulary and make sure they build up a huge memory bank of words.

Walt and Winnie is the result of my work – today’s world is so visual and therefore it gives greater importance to this and the interactive parts.

Improve Your English Vocabulary with Walt and Winnie’s Wondrous Words


The series of books by Charlie Chaleco is the best way to learn new vocabulary, whether you are a native English speaker or learning English as a foreign language. These are some of the best children’s educational books for improving vocabulary because of their fun content and visual impact. Used at home, caring parents can help their children to learn new English words, thereby extending their vocabulary in spoken and written English.

Walt and Winnie love learning new words in English. The two friends found a set of old books and decide to modernize them. They re-designed all the books, creating attractive illustrations, a beautiful lay-out and many fun games. This all-new approach to improving the knowledge of English vocabulary will make all the difference!

Each book introduces FIVE HUNDRED WORDS. There are ten different sections, each one with colourful pictures and fun themes. You can follow Walt and Winnie on their exciting adventures AND learn new words!

Get a sample of the book here so you can get an idea of how it works.