Learning Pronunciation

When learning a language I believe the most important points are:

  • the vocabulary

  • the verbs

  • the pronunciation

The Second, most important thing when improving your vocabulary is learning the correct pronunciation. it’s no good having a vocabulary of thousands of words but you can’t pronounce any of them correctly!! So here are ways of practising pronunciation:

  • Write next to the new word how it sounds. In other words, write it phonetically. For example, next to quarrel write KWO rul. Next to ludicrous write LOO di krus. Notice how the stressed part of the word is written in capital letters. There aren’t any accents on English words like in French or Spanish, so an easy way to learn this is to write only the stressed syllable in capital letters. Easy isn’t it! The three Walt and Winnie’s Wondrous Words books introduce this method. Each word also comes with an easy to understand definition.

  • If you aren’t sure of correct pronunciation, there are many apps which will say the words correctly for you.

  • Once you are sure the pronunciation is right, practise reading your new words out loud. 

  • Put your words into your own sentences and then practise reading them out loud.

  • Listen to people pronouncing the words in songs, films, plays and series on TV. Focus on anyone speaking in English!

  • You have to be CURIOUS about new words and the correct pronunciation.

  • Obviously, the pronunciation is closely linked with learning new vocabulary, so you learn the pronunciation together with the word’s meaning.

In the next blog I’ll be writing about verbs.

Until then – Charlie Chaleco-

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