When learning a language I believe the most important points are:

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  • the vocabulary

  • the verbs

  • the pronunciation

In this blog I’m going to talk about different ways of learning verbs. Together with nouns the learning of verbs is absolutely fundamental when expanding your vocabulary or learning a new language.

  • Firstly Make a list of ten important verbs. 

  • Write the meanings next to words and also the correct pronunciation – see Blog 2

  • Put the meaning in your own language too if that helps.

  • Read them out loud a few times. Use different funny voices for a laugh!

  • Make up sentences containing three of these verbs and read them out loud. 

  • Learn how the verbs change for the third person in English. This means when we say HE, SHE or IT. For example: I run, he runs. I touch, she touches. I drink, it drinks – for a dog!

  • Make another list of ten more important verbs. Do the same things that you did above.

  • Combine your verbs with the other vocabulary you are learning.

  • English verbs don’t change much! In the past there are regular verbs and irregular ones. Learn which ones are regular and which are irregular. Regular ones end in –ed. The rest are called irregular because they don’t follow this pattern.Read them out loud!

Learning words in any language must be FUN! In the next blog I’m going to describe different games, including the ones found in the three Walt and Winnie’s Wondrous Words. Until then – Charlie Chaleco-

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