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Vocabulary learning with Walt and Winnie

We’re always coming across new words.  Wondrous Words is a totally new approach to vocabulary learning – a sure way to build up a huge memory bank of Wondrous Words.

The two main characters, Walt and Winnie, discover a collection of old books in Granny’s attic. They are enthralled by these and decide to modernize them, producing a new set of books called Wondrous Words. A four page comic illustrates this story at the beginning of the books.

The books contain 500 important English words for children to learn.

Walt and Winnie enable children to acquire an extended vocabulary of invaluable English words.  The books are designed to help teachers with vocabulary teaching. Students can use them individually, in pairs or as a class. They target both native English speakers and children learning English as a foreign language.

Children these days have about half the vocabulary of children fifty years ago. This imbalance must be addressed!

Vocabulary learning with Walt and Winnie's Wondrous Words - Level One
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