Kloo is an award-winning educational card game that is loved by many including: children, adults, teachers and self-learners. It can be played either alone or with others, and the game even comes with three sets of instructions on how to play—based on the number of players.

The Kloo game consists of two decks of cards and the goal is to create a sentence that makes sense using only the cards that you have in your hand.

According to their website, people who have used Kloo have built their vocabulary, on average, up to ten times faster than people who haven’t, so it definitely might be something worth checking out. RRP £29.99.

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A picture of the Kloo board game laid out


The Scrabble board game laid out.

Scrabble is a highly popular word finder board game developed by Hasbro that has players earn points by creating words using four to twelve letter tiles in a crossword style. There are usually only about 100 tiles that can be used in gameplay, so players will need to use creativity to cook up new words each turn as the letter tiles begin to dwindle.

Each tile is worth a certain number of points and the person who has the most points on their board after all of the tiles have been used up wins. Any words are okay as long as they’re defined in a standard dictionary and the longer the word, the more points the player receives. There are a lot of different editions, but you shouldn’t have to spend more than £19.99.

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Spot It!

Spot It! is basic English Game that is a fast-paced card game created by Rainbow Resource and is great for teaching learners basic vocabulary words related to a variety of subjects such as animals, clothing, family, foods, transportation and even the weather using both words and pictures.

To play, take two cards from the deck and try to match a picture to its word. This is easy to do since there’s always one matching symbol between any two cards. Spot It! is great for young learners, and players can use it to strengthen their vocabulary skills with repetition and reading comprehension. Prices vary depending on what edition you get, but you should expect to pay about £10.00.

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Spot It! Game laid out

In the Walt and Winnie’s Wondrous Words books levels 1, 2 and 3 you will find more games to build vocabulary. To practise learning the words I chose some old favourites – crosswords and word searches. When I was making up these games I wanted to consider not just the words themselves, but also the spellings. Each book has ten sections of different themes like food, sports, clothes and animals. So I selected vocabulary from each section and included them in the crosswords and word searches. They can be photocopied for individual or classroom use. The answers are at the back of each book.

Vocabulary learning with Walt and Winnie's Wondrous Words - Level One
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Walt and Winnie's Wondrous Words - Level Two
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Aumentar tu vocabulario en inglés con Walt and Winnie's Wondrous Words - Level Three
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