Games are an important way to consolidate new words, along with regular use.

In the previous blog I showed you the game I used when I came up with the idea for Walt & Winnie’s Wondrous Words. In this post I’ll be showing you a game that you can play anywhere, at anytime, with little or no equipment. It’s great for classrooms, long journeys, while on a walk, absolutely anywhere!

This old favourite is called Tops and Tails’. Decide the order in which people will take their turns. I find getting the group into a circle usually helps. Then to start the game the first person says a word. It can be any word, but we will discuss how we can alter the game to make it harder a little later. The next person has to say a word beginning with the last letter of the first person’s word. The next person must follow suite saying a word that begins with the last letter of the previous player’s word, and so on.
For example: FISH,…HAT,…TREE,…EGG,…GRAPE,..

A Word Game of Charlie Chaleco's invention

If the next person can’t think of a word they are OUT! The last one out is the winner!
You can make it harder by choosing a topic, like food (all the words must be connected with that topic).
You can make it faster by having a time limit. For example: five seconds to come up with a word!

It’s a good idea to write the words on a board or use letter tiles from other word games. It’s also worth having someone to check that the spellings are correct!

-Charlie Chaleco-

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